Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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I painted these wedding Converse with aqua ombre design for a gorgeous Bride in Georgia. She wanted to have items that symbolized her family, faith, hometown, and favorite things, plus some crystal bling, of course!The Oak Tree and Cotton boles symbolize the South, Her Sons Name has the symbollism of the fish, she loved the dainty design of the paisley and the aqua color ombre was a favorite too!I would love to design some Chucks for your special day. Great to wear at your reception, your honeymoon getaway, or even to have for comfortable shoes with your gorgeous gown. I have been painting chucks since 2005 or something crazy like that, and I have it down. These have the crystals up the heel and on the toes, so much fun and sparkle. I can paint them without the bling as well, just send me a message and I can set up a listing just for you!Available in womens sizes 5-12.Some of my other designs here: https://www./shop/dreaminbohemianI would love to paint some really Awesome Shoes just for you or yours! Send me a convo and lets get them started today!Thank you for checking out my listings!Adrienne, bling shoes

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