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swallow, Large Swallow Sterling Silver Ring



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This is a single banded sterling LARGE silver swallow ring. Each large swallow is custom carved and the band is formed and fabricated then engraved. No swallow will ever be made the same, let me carve one for you!\r\rCan be worn single banded or stacked with my other swallow rings. They come in small medium or large. All three rings can be purchased here:\rhttp://www./listing/53117244/mama-bird-baby-bird-daddy-bird-swallow\r\rTo Purchase The Rings Individually:\r\rSmall Swallow Ring listing:\rhttp://www./listing/50094049/mini-swallow-sterling-silver-ring\r\rMedium swallow listing:\rhttp://www./listing/50094348/medium-swallow-sterling-silver-ring\r\rFor the Large swallow ring:\rhttp://www./listing/50094442/large-swallow-sterling-silver-ring\r\r\r.925 Sterling Silver Stamped.\r\r+Add $47 USD for Vermeil (Heavy Gold Plating Over Sterling) \r\rPlease convo me your size upon checkout.\r\r\u00a9 Jennifer Yi Jewelry 2006-2012, bird

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