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handfasting, Art Nouveau Earrings Rivendell Spring Elven Forest



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Earrings are part of an Art Nouveau jewelry collection in shades of green & cobalt blue that was inspired by one of my favorite scenes from Lord of the Rings...In the spring, Rivendell's mighty Oaks and graceful Beech trees come alive again and the valley sings the song of the waterfalls filled with melting snow from the Misty Mountains...When I was a little girl I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I decided I wanted to be Galadriel when I grew up...Although I haven't achieved Elf Queen status as of yet, I have tried to capture a bit of the spirit of Lothlorien with my elven forest jewelry:-)YES-I love custom work! I can change the colors or beads on this piece OR I can work with you to create something especially magical- click "request a custom order" above and I will be happy to oblige:), boho

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