Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ankle bracelet, 5x5 Collection: Ankle Bracelet 14mm Crystal Balls & Silver Plated Chain 9 inches. The Five Items (Sold Separately) Total Approx. Five Feet.



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5x5 CollectionThis stunning Ankle Bracelet is made from 14mm Crystal faceted spheres and Silver Plated Chain.The Ankle Bracelet is 9 inches long and it has linksof Silver Plated chain that separates the CrystalBalls. It closes with a Silver Plated swivel lobster clasp.The items in the 5x5 Collection are: * Earrings * Bracelet - 7 inches * Ankle Bracelet - 9 inches * Necklace - 18 inches * Necklace - 24 inchesNote: Items in the 5x5 Collection are soldseparately.The Earrings with Lever Back ear wires can beworn as Pendants for the Necklaces in the 5x5Collection. The other items have Silver Plated swivel lobsterclasps. These items were made to be connected to make varying length Necklaces with little if anydisruption in the design.All the items are beautiful and luxurious looking. The items can be worn in a variety of styles., ankle bracelet

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