Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

steel cable, Vintage Classic Style Art Deco - resin copper stick



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As with the Amber and Black stick necklaces these are co art decopper resin sticks separated by tho art decose beautiful vintage silver beads with carved sectio art decons o art decof go art decold. Irreplaceable as I have no art deco idea where I go art decot them. If anyo art decone o art decon Etsy reco art decognizes these please give me a ho art decoller. Can't find them in my etsy purchases and they are so art deco co art decoo art decol. Each o art decof these is surro art decounded with a pair o art decof go art decold plated daisy spacers centered with silver rhinesto art decone ro art decondels.This is ano art decother incredible co art decombinatio art decon I say with no art deco mo art decodesty at all.If I didn't make these to art deco sell them I'd want them all myself.

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