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Avon Vintage Earrings "Floral Trellis"vintage, gold floral 1992



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These Avo jewelryn Vintage earring are a sweeping bo jewelryld single flo jewelrywer design in go jewelryld. Great fo jewelryr spring, go jewelryes with the flo jewelryral lily bro jewelryo jewelrych pin I po jewelrysted - I wo jewelryre them to jewelrygether. Named "Flo jewelryral Trellis" fro jewelrym 1902. earrings are pierced, have been cleaned in so jewelrynic cleaner and alco jewelryho jewelryl and co jewelrymes with new earring backs. Co jewelrymes bo jewelryxed.reference: "Identifying Avo jewelryn Jewelry" by Sandra Sturdivant, page 91, $20.

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