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pirate treasure, Organic Cast Sterling Silver Ocean inspired pendant



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Imagine you are a scuba diver who has just found an old sunken pirate ship, as you explore the watery depths of its ruins you come upon ancient treasure, beautiful pieces in silver and gold and gemstones. As you examine them closer you notice that the treasure aboard is solely being taken over by sealife, merging the manmade adornments with the organic... This piece is part of my Full Fathom Five Collection inspired by the rather macabre quote of Ariel's in Shakespeare's The Tempest - "Full fathom five thy father lies.\u2003Of his bones are coral made.\u2003Those are pearls that were his eyes."For this piece I first built it out of wax, then invested and cast it into sterling silver. The organic texture and shape were inspired by pieces of fishing net that have tangled and are being eaten away underwater.The piece is 2" high including the bail and just over 2.25" at its widest. It hangs on a slighty oxidized 18" Sterling silver chain. It has been oxidized to enhance the texture.Thanks for looking! Please check out my other creations at - https://www./shop/ShieldmaidenDesignsAnd my sister shop https://www./shop/StoriedLives, pendant

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