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spottedBlack and Ivory Speckled Leather Cuff Bracelet - by UNEARTHED



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rorschachThis is an absolutely stunning leather and one we're so thrilled to offer in the shop!\rThe base of this particular leather is a soft, muted, and very classic winter white. Not quite as creamy as an ivory, but definitely not a pure white. The chalky off-white area of this hide is a soft, supple, and absolutely heavenly soft suede with amazing grain. The tantalizingly soft suede has then been spot treated with jet black splatters of glossy black with a patent finish. The contrast of the ultra high gloss black mottling with the gorgeous suede is simply divine. It's the perfect juxtaposition of textures and contrasting colors. \rExtremely versatile and definitely something nobody else will have!\r\rThe interior is gold toned (silver option also available at checkout), and will fit a variety of wrist sizes, from 5" (loose fit) to over 8". It is adjustable, with the right gentle technique. \rMeasures just over 2" tall.*Each piece is unique and due to the random patterning of the leather, no two pieces will ever be alike. There may be more white area or more black, more spots or more streaks. \r\r\rPlease note:\rThe vast majority of our materials are by-product leathers. Please see our profile for more detailed information on who we are and what we do!\rThank you for looking!

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