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Recycled circuit board made into a unique and funky BEAR pin!I first took a much larger recycled circuit board and cut it down to measure 2" by 1-3/8" and then colored it black using a technique that took me years to perfect. This really makes all the silver circuitry really stand out!Vintage 1970s brass and copper jewelry findings from a company that went out of business form the body of the bear. Recycled steel bits from a scrap metal facility make up his bow tie and he has a little copper star on his tummy!This pin will definitely make people do a double take when they realize it's made using a recycled circuit board!This would be a wonderful gift for anyone who is a bear lover and a way of showing your support to help make this a greener world in which to live!Because circuit boards are made from layers of fiberglass, this pin is very light in weight., recycled jewelry

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