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baseball fan gift, Rustic Baseball Leather Cuff Bracelet Wristband Reclaimed Leather Unisex Sports Fan Adjustable Snaps USA Handmade by Greenbelts OOAK



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This leather cuff bracelet wristband is handmade and eco-friendly, created from a super soft full-grain genuine leather belt and a reclaimed baseball. You won\u2019t find a duplicate anywhere. The baseball has been deconstructed, restitched and combined with the belt to make a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece that would look equally great on a guy or a gal. The belt has been hand dyed with a purple tone wash.Color: Light purple and brown leather band. White/black baseball with rust red stitching. The baseball includes slight pink color rubbed onto parts of the surface from natural use.Size: This cuff will fit a 6\u20138" (15-20cm) wrist. It's 2 1/4\u201d at its widest part and 3/4" on the ends. The size adjusts with silver metal snaps., baseball fan gift

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