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This new addition to our shop is a personal favorite! The "Long Silver Fleur de lis Pendant Necklace" showcases a gorgeous intricately carved antique silver *Fleur De Lis pendant which hangs from an ornate antique silver toggle clasp. We feel that the etched antique silver cable chain is the perfect complement for this pendant. This chain necklace can be worn as a very long pendant necklace or wrapped around once with pendant at the neck or from the second layer. Long antique silver cable chain length shown: 37". Links are 9x6mm. Fleur de lis Pendant: 1-1/4" -- All other necklaces shown are sold separately. --"Fleur-de-lis, ( French: \u201clily flower\u201d) is an ancient symbol that has long been associated with French royalty. Depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower we encounter the emblem as in many places across the world. What makes the Fleur-de-lis symbol unique is how it has been used in different contexts. Is has represented peace, war, religion, politics, royalty and more...Joan of Arc carried a white banner that showed God blessing the French royal emblem, the fleur-de-lis, when she led French troops to victory over the English. The Catholic Church has used the Fleur-de-lis emblem for many years. The lily flower was a symbol of the Holy Trinity as well as an emblem of the Virgin Mary." --, vialove

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