Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

laser cut necklace, MidMod style laser-cut house necklace by Tiny Scenic



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Palm springs style ho minimalist necklaceuse necklace style ho minimalist necklaceuse necklace by Tiny ScenicOne o minimalist necklacef five designs fro minimalist necklacem o minimalist necklaceur 'Blueprint Co minimalist necklacellectio minimalist necklacen' - inspired by the striking (and satisfying!) lines o minimalist necklacef architectural drawings and midcentury mo minimalist necklacedern do minimalist necklacellho minimalist necklaceuses.The necklace is made fro minimalist necklacem perspex acrylic and measures appro minimalist necklaceximately 10cm x 3cm. Yo minimalist necklaceu can cho minimalist necklaceo minimalist necklacese between white o minimalist necklacer a mint green. The white has a glo minimalist necklacessy o minimalist necklacen bo minimalist necklaceth sides whereas the mint green is matt o minimalist necklacen o minimalist necklacene side and glo minimalist necklacessy o minimalist necklacen the o minimalist necklacether.The necklace is available o minimalist necklacen a silver-plated o minimalist necklacer go minimalist necklaceld-plated chain fine trace chain, which measures 45cm (18 inch) and is secured with a lo minimalist necklacebster-style clasp. Yo minimalist necklaceur necklace will arrive presented o minimalist necklacen an A6-size Tiny Scenic printed po minimalist necklacestcard, with space to minimalist necklace write o minimalist necklacen the back if yo minimalist necklaceu are giving the necklace as a gift (po minimalist necklacestcard design may vary).

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