Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This bracelet is crocheted using Swarovski for beautiful sparkle and added celestial and czech crystals, it is my version of a little tennis bracelet, it looks like 2 bracelets of sparkly crystals on gold cord. It\u2019s 7.5 inches long ....*can be made any size* \r \r\ud83c\udf1f I use authentic freshwater or Swarovski pearls and Czech crystals, as well real gemstones and semi precious stones in my Jewelry, I price it to give people something with beautiful authentic Crystals and Gemstones for a reasonable price. \r\r***Thanks so much for looking!***\r\rDesigning original crocheted and knotted jewelry since 2008\rThis design \u00a9 Copyright in 2009 - please dont copy..thank you.., crystal

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