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karen sugarman, Turquoise Pyrite Pearls Pajaritos Pendant Necklace - Pajaritos Flora Necklace



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Turquoise Pyrite Pearls Pajaritos Pendant Necklace - Pajaritos Flora Necklace.A charming necklace with hand spun beads of micro turquoise teardrops and pearls, silver and natural pyrite - has been designed to replicate the flora and fauna of a woodland scene. The mix of metals consisting of blackened silver, polished silver and gold - add to the charm of this natural floral theme. The focal point of the necklace is the charming Pajarito pendant. The translation of the word pajarito means \u201clittle bird\u201d in Spanish. As you can see, the darling little blackened-silver bird protects it eggs while surrounded by silver leaves and flowers. Popular during the Victorian Era, these colonial baroque pajarito designs were first introduced to Mexico from Europe. The dying art of these charming pajarito designs is now limited to a small and specific region of Mexico. This unique design will insure - not only will you have a lovely and unique one-of-a-kind jewelry design, but a charming story to go along with the necklace.19.5 inches long., turquoise

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