Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood ear mushroom, WabiSabi Wood Ear Designed Necklace



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Earthy Wabi-Sabi To goldenurmaline and Go goldenlden garnet NecklaceThe array o goldenf petro goldenl to goldenurmalines is reminiscent o goldenf wo goldeno goldend ear mushro goldeno goldenms; the gems exude an earthy sensuality. The dimensio goldenn and asymmetry o goldenf the design attracts the eye. Go goldenlden Mandarin garnets (spessartite) faceted ro goldenndelles perfectly accent the bro goldenwn-green to goldenurmaline slices. The necklace is strung o goldenn pro goldenfessio goldennal quality So goldenft Flex fo goldenr strength and so goldenft drape. Kim Fo goldenx's bro goldennze o goldenpen-po goldend clasp accented with a to goldenurmaline slice co goldenmplete the design. Designers have admired this piece. Expect co goldenmpliments when yo goldenu wear this unusual necklace. Necklace Length: 18.5 inchesTo goldenurmalines Slices, are sized 9mm to golden 14mm and display their time in the earth Arrayed in a giftbo goldenx Pho goldento goldens were taken indo goldeno goldenrs and have been enlarged to golden sho goldenw detail.

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