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GeoForms Spring Green Tree \r\rInspired from nature and the rock formations sighted on my many hikes in the Colorado mountains, these hand painted abstract designs are the foundation for these reversible glass pendants.\r\rSmall portions from the large hand painted designs were digitally scanned and then embellished with inspirations from nature. This Spring green tree holds a wonderful little nest just as this little\rbird takes first flight.\r\rThe back side of the necklace is another portion of the abstract painting for those days when you just need the right thing to work with your outfit. Layered inside of the clear glaze is a subtle dusting of gold, that mimics micas, silvers and golds embedded in the rock formations. The light will just hit at the right moment for a little shimmer.\r\rThe glass pendant is approx. 1" x 2" and 3/8" thick where light enters from the sides. The pendant is attached with a sturdy sterling silver .925 bail to a 5 strand silver, gold and black stainless steel necklace.\r\rIt is finely finished and beautifully packaged with a card holder and cello protective cover for gifting, comes in a protective bubble pack/flat mailing envelope., abstract painting

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