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The Divine Infinity Earring from our NEW! Divine Line CollectionThere is so much symbolism in geometric shapes. This new collection is all about the beauty and meaning behind these shapes. Where there is no beginning and no end. Where nature is one with all and where beauty is all around. Where there is perfection in the imperfections. It\u2019s perfectly DIVINE!\u00a0A little more of a good thing goes a long way. Here we have brought together both the mini and larger Infinity earring. The everlasting circle, the DIVINE way of no beginning and no end. Everything just keeps on going. Representing wholeness, oneness, completion and infinity. We just love circle energy and some of the symbolism it holds. Hope you do too. from top to bottom ~ 1.25 inches (32mm)Available in horn (black-ish) or bone (white-ish). Completely hand carved and set in 22k gold vermeil., round jewelry

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