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Chrysocolla in Quartz and sterling silver ringhandmade ring, size 8 1/4 silver ring



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This is a sterling silver and chrysocolla in quartz size 8 1/4, american size. This ring cannot be resized. The stone is a very pretty blue greenish. I enjoy patterned ring bands, but never identified with the ones that are available so I decided to make my own. I designed and hand carved this band out of wax, had it casted and molded so that I can use it with other stones. I made the bezel cup out of argentium silver, to hold the bright finish better. The metal is not plated though, so it may tarnish over time. I inset the base of the bezel for a nice clean look from the side. The back of the bezel is closed, not open. the finish is hammered finish on the bezel around the stone, and brush finish for the band. All the pictures I took of this ring did not turn out. I will be taking more pictures., blue stone ring

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