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This perfectly simple design features a single, genuine keshi (keishi) petal pearl suspended from a delicate chain with your choice of 14kt gold fill, rose gold fill or sterling silver. Plus my original design which I introduced over a decade ago is now available in a delightful shade of blush. Truly unique because each petal pearl is a work of nature, and all are beautiful.This universally flattering pearl necklace is perfect for wearing layered with other necklaces, or it can worn alone as a statement of elegant simplicity. It also makes an ideal bridesmaid necklace and is a wonderful gift for any occasion! Keshi pearls are distinctive and totally unique in the world of cultured pearls. Occasionally in the culturing process an oyster or mollusk expels the implanted seed before a pearl is produced. Afterwards, when a flat or freeform pearl is generated in the remaining pearl sac, the pearl is called a keshi (or keishi). Because it doesn't have a seeded nucleus, a keshi pearl is 100% nacre, and it isn't just a seed with a pearl coating like most cultured pearls. This depth of nacre is what gives the keshi pearl its intensely luminous quality. Like the solid nacre found within naturally occurring pearls, the beauty of a keshi pearl illuminates the entire depth of the pearl and can never wear away. In fact, keshi pearls are considered to be of such superb quality that they are used by the world\u2019s most discriminating jewelers in many of their most beautiful and expensive creations.If you're unsure about the length, measure an existing necklace or use a string around your neck to measure the length that works for you. The 12" and 14" lengths are usually used for small children or women desiring a very tight choker that rides high on their neck.To view more of my pearl designs:https://www./shop/AliceWord?ref=hdr_shop_menu&search_query=pearlsTo read the story behind my shop, please click this link:https://www./shop/aliceword/about?ref=shopinfo_about_leftnavI want to make every purchase from me feel like a festive occasion (even if you're just treating yourself) and will ship your selection in a silver gift box tied with elegant fabric ribbon. This item typically ships within 5-7 business days, but if you are in a rush, please let me know, and I'll try to work within your timeline.Once your order is ready to go, it usually takes another 2 to 4 business days afterwards for delivery within the USA using USPS first class mail service. (It can sometimes take a little longer during the Christmas season.) If you're in a hurry, I also offer domestic shipping options for USPS Priority and Express Mail and automatically upgrade domestic orders that total $100 or more to USPS Priority Mail at no additional charge to you. Shipments Outside of USAIf your address is outside of the USA, please be aware that some countries outside of the USA might impose duties and/or import taxes on your purchase. The import laws and regulations vary considerably by county, so if you have questions please check with your local government for more information. Buyers are normally responsible for the duties and import taxes that might apply to their purchase and any potential delivery delays caused by the customs offices in their countryI typically require a few days to create international orders before shipment. Once completed, I use USPS International Priority Mail to ship because of its tracking capabilities, and the delivery time frame can be anywhere from 12 days to more than 3 weeks after shipment. I'm so sorry, but I have no control over the processing time and delivery schedules of international postal carriers and customs offices.Design Copyright 2005 - 2020 by Alice Word Artisan Jewelry.All Rights Reserved., keshi pearl choker

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