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gold blue earrings, Lapis Labradorite Crystal Gold Bezel Filigree Earrings



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The gemsto filigree earringnes in these earrings are a triplet with layers made o filigree earringf lapis, labrado filigree earringrite and crystal. It's a very pretty pro filigree earringcess and co filigree earringmbinatio filigree earringn o filigree earringf gems. The gemsto filigree earringnes are set in a bezel surro filigree earringunded by a filigree o filigree earringf white to filigree earringpaz gems. Bezel is vermeil and measures appro filigree earringx 1/2 inch. Earrings measures slightly mo filigree earringre than 1 inch fro filigree earringm to filigree earringp to filigree earring bo filigree earringtto filigree earringm. The ear levers are go filigree earringld filled. These gems are real beauties!

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