Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chipmunk hollow, Sisters Sterling Silver Necklace With a Tiny Hand Stamped Heart and Swarovski Crystal Pearls



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In ho big sisterno big sisterr o big sisterf all o big sisterur sisters.....This necklace is made with a 5/8" sterling silver disc which has been hand stamped with the wo big sisterrd 'sisters' in a designer lo big sisterwercase fo big sisternt. A tiny heart has also big sister been stamped. It has been do big sistermed slightly inward, o big sisterxidized and brushed. Two big sister Swaro big sistervski crystal pearls, o big sisterne go big sisterld and slightly larger to big sister symbo big sisterlize the big sister and a slightly smaller o big sisterne in white to big sister symbo big sisterlize the yo big sisterunger sister are included. If yo big sisteru prefer I can substitute birthsto big sisterne Swaro big sistervski crystals .The sterling silver bo big sisterx chain is available in 16",18" and 20" lengths.

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