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Gem Explosion Chakra Balancing Bracelet \u2013 When all your chakras are balanced, you just feel good. You feel balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. You feel everything in your life is going well for you.Chakra meanings7th Chakra \u2013 Crown \u2013 Divine Connection \u2014 7th Chakra relates to self knowledge and spiritual awareness. It is the union with our higher self, spirituality and higher consciousness. Balance brings guidance, wisdom and inner strength. Then our thoughts are purified and we feel inspiration in all our undertakings and our artistic talents and creativity is enhanced. When out of whack, we feel no concern for others and lack of contact with reality.6th Chakra \u2013 Third Eye \u2013 Intuition \u2014 6th Chakra relates to being responsible for our own life, following our soul\u2019s path and trusting our intuition. When balanced, we are clear sighted, have an orderly mind and are full of integrity. When off, we can be scatter minded, inconsiderate and do not trust our higher self. Purple energy connects us to our unconscious self and we feel we are part of the whole universe, increasing imagination and psychic powers.5th Chakra \u2013 Throat \u2013 Communication \u2014 5th Chakra is all about self-expression and the ability to communicate our needs. It reflects the spirit of truth and purpose. When balanced, this chakra enhances loyalty, trustworthiness and a sense of deep calm. When off, we can become self-righteous and cold. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation. It connects us to holistic thought and gives us wisdom and clarity.4th Chakra \u2013 Heart \u2013 Love \u2014 4th Chakra is all about love and self love. It reflects the ability to give and take unconditionally. When this chakra is balanced, we are able to give love to others and nurture ourselves. Then we feel compassion, generosity and harmonious. When off, we can become indifferent and jealous. Green connects us to unconditional love and is used for balancing our whole being.3rd Chakra \u2013 Solar Plexus \u2013 Will \u2014 3rd Chakra relates to self worth, how we perceive ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This chakra is about personality, the ego & the intellect. Balance here give us clarity of thought, increased awareness and stimulates interest & curiosity. We become confident, optimistic and good humored. When off balance, we can have feelings of inferiority, become over analytical or pessimistic. Yellow energy connects us to our mental self.2nd Chakra \u2013 Sex Organs \u2013 Creativity \u2014 2nd Chakra relates to self respect, giving us the ability to be free to be our true selves. It also helps expand your interests and activities while bringing joy to our workday and strengthening our love of life. When this Chakra is balanced, we feel sociable, creative and independent. Otherwise we can become withdrawn, destructive and overly-dependant. Orange is an emotional stimulant which connects us to our senses and helps remove inhibitions so we can be independent and social.1st Chakra \u2013 Base \u2013 Stability \u2014 1st Chakra relates to self awareness. It\u2019s the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth. When this chakra is balanced, we feel secure, courageous and adventurous. When it is off, we become insecure, self-pitying and fearful. Red connects us to our physical body.There are so many stones in this amazing bracelet. They include Ruby, Pyrite, Coral, Rhodochrosite, Red Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Rudraksha, Graphiolite, Goldstone, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Green Onyx, Aventurine, Chryosphrase, Malachite, Turquoise, Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis, Kyanite, Blue Tiger's Eye, Apatite, Larimar, Pearl, Amethyst, Tanzanite, White Sapphire, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Quartz and Hematite. Here's a few descriptions of the stone. Coral \u2013 Coral represents diplomacy and concurrence. It quiets the emotions and brings peace. Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization. Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones of the body.Chalcedony \u2013 A dreamy stone with a gentle energy that fosters balance between mind, body and spirit. It reduces hostility, anger, and irritation. It soothes and fosters mental and emotional stability and can facilitate emotional honesty. Helps insomnia & sleeping problems.Kyanite \u2013 Facilitates meditation, aids in dream recall, & stimulates communication and psychic awareness. Very useful in enhancing creativity, broadening perspective, and in reaching a better understanding with others. Brings calm and tranquility & facilitates meditation.Pearl \u2013 Signifies faith and helps one to focus. It provides a vehicle for advancing states of wisdom and helps you be a clearer channel to receive spiritual guidance. Historically symbolic of purity, innocence and faith, pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear the mind so that it can be a clean for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Enhances sincerity, truth and loyalty and brings calming reflection.For more descriptions, please go to my website - jewelry is made with high quality gemstones and sterling silver findings and LOVE!Wear with Joy and Beauty!All pieces are available for wholesale price with minimum purchase. Every piece is display ready on its own card with a clean design in ziplock bag packaging. Please contact Sarah at [email protected] for more information.", friendship bracelet

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