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large shell necklace, ADJUSTABLE ABALONE NECKLACE with Antique Copper Charms on Metallic Bronze Cord



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A large abalo abalone necklacene shell with do abalone necklaceuble-sided STARFISH and SEA SHELL charms.The charms are made in the USA o abalone necklacef antique co abalone necklacepper pewter.This BRONZE METALLIC braided co abalone necklacerd (made in France) is go abalone necklaceo abalone necklaced quality, so abalone necklaceft, beautiful and so abalone necklace co abalone necklacemfo abalone necklacertable to abalone necklace wear. Yo abalone necklaceu can easily adjust the length. The co abalone necklacerd slides thro abalone necklaceugh the clear glass bead and ho abalone necklacelds its place wherever yo abalone necklaceu want it.We used the shell as we fo abalone necklaceund it. It is reversible. As with all o abalone necklacef o abalone necklaceur abalo abalone necklacene shell, the co abalone necklacelo abalone necklacer is to abalone necklacetally natural. The sea and sand carved this piece and it is stro abalone necklaceng and thick.One o abalone necklacef a kind!Co abalone necklacerd will extend length to abalone necklace 26 inches (66 cm) It also abalone necklace lo abalone necklaceo abalone necklaceks great as a cho abalone necklaceker.**No abalone necklacete: If yo abalone necklaceu wo abalone necklaceuld rather cho abalone necklaceo abalone necklacese different charms, please pick two abalone necklace fro abalone necklacem the Do abalone necklaceuble-sided Charms pictured in this listing and let me kno abalone necklacew when yo abalone necklaceu place yo abalone necklaceur o abalone necklacerder and I will substitute it.**

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