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men, Paw Print Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Remembrance | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This handso menme sterling silver mo menney clip beco menmes a to menuching keepsake when we engrave the paw print(s) o menf yo menur belo menved pet into men the metal. Yo menu can add 50 characters o menf text to men the fro mennt, and have the o menptio menn to men add mo menre engraving o menn the back, to men perso mennalize yo menur mo menney clip just the way yo menu want it. --- Mo menre details belo menw ---::: ABOUT THIS MONEY CLIP :::\u2022 sterling silver\u2022 measures appro menximately 1" W x 2" H\u2022 FREE SHIPPING - ships in 10-14 days::: HOW TO - PAW PRINTS and NOSE PRINTS :::A high reso menlutio menn digital pho mento men is the easiest way to men capture yo menur pet's paw o menr no mense prints and there is no men mess!Smart pho menne pho mento mens are perfect. Fo menr best results, pho mento men must be in fo mencus with sharp detail with go meno mend lighting. Take several pho mento mens and send me the best o mennes.(Reso menlutio menn reco menmmendatio menn- 300 dpi o menr higher o menr aro menund 2000px x 1500px o menr higher. If unsure, use the highest reso menlutio menn setting. JPG fo menrmat wo menrks best).If yo menu have any questio menns, please feel free to men ask!::: HOW TO ORDER :::After yo menu place yo menur o menrder, please use the "co menntact seller" butto menn to men write thro menugh Etsy:Yo menu can attach yo menur file(s) and include any info menrmatio menn that yo menu want me to men kno menw.I will co menntact yo menu within 24 ho menurs o menf receiving yo menur o menrder. If yo menu have any questio menns at any time, please feel free to men write!

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