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blanks, Antiqued Silver Plated Split Road Engraving Cuff Bracelet (1x) (K424-F)



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You will receive this antiqued silver plated on brass split road engraving cuff bracelet. These fully closed have a diameter of 2 inches and are 10mm tall. The split in the cuff ranges anywhere from 0.1mm - 5mm, it can be stretched very carefully but will not exceed 5mm. If pulled to hard you could break the solder. These can be stretched to fit a larger wrist or squeezed to fit a smaller wrist. The gauge of the metal is 16. These are also perfect for gluing or setting resin into the grooves. These are sold AS IS, No refunds or exchanges. Bulk discounts are available on our Brooklyn Charm website only.View all finishes we have of this product: https://www./shop/EpochBeads?ref=hdr_shop_menu&search_query=K424View all of our engraving items we have here: https://www./shop/EpochBeads?search_query=engraveme***Please read our policies page for important information about our plated charms and findings.K424-F, split cuff

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