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Citrine Ringbezel ring, Large Gemstone Ringbezel ring, Statement Ringbezel ring, Eco Friendly Sterling Silver Ringbezel ring, Yellow Citrine Jewelrybezel ring, November Birthstone Solitaire



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This lemony yellow Citrine is like a beautifully faceted ball of sunshine, just for you! The HUGE 10mm gemstone is bezel set and sits approximately 1/4" off of your finger. Because of the bezel setting you'll never worry about snagging as you go about your day. If you love big and bold jewelry, the earthy tones and gemstones, this is your ring. Or if you are simply super cool. It's for you too.Also available in 14k and 18k palladium White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. Oh and green gold.Also available in Amethyst, garnet, citrine, peridot, green amethyst, sky blue, london blue or swiss blue topaz and white topaz., bezel ring

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