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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BUZZZZZHand-stamped copper is "sewn" with copper wire to a thick piece of aluminum. It measures 2.5" x 1" and is strung on a 18" sterling silver chain. \ud83d\udd28Custom words or lyrics available, just contact me!\ud83c\udf81Your item will arrive packaged in a nice box suitable for gift giving.\ud83d\udc15Don't forget, 10% of every purchase is donated to animal rights organizations and shelters that help abused, neglected, homeless, and abandoned animals.\ud83d\udc8dAll my stamped jewelry is made by hand. Any flaws are just part of the process. I like to make my pieces have a raw, handmade look and not the perfection of machine-stamped jewelry. Copper tarnishes. If you'd like a shiny copper look, just take a very fine grade steel wool to it. It will polish up nicely. \ud83d\udcebSIGNATURE REQUIRED (domestic shipping only):If you are worried about your package being stolen by thugs in your apartment building or whatever, you can choose the signature-required option. For $2.75 you will be sure to receive your item with no lame excuses from the Post Office. Remember, if you are going to be at work and unable to sign for it, you might have to go to the post office to pick up your item. You might want to have it shipped to where you will be during the day.SIGNATURE REQUIRED OPTION IS LOCATED ON THE LAST PAGE!Please purchase when you purchase your item to ensure that I know you want Signature Required.\ud83d\udecdVisit my other shop, Happy in the Nest, for vintage and repurposed housewares and ephemerahttps://www./shop/HappyInTheNestIf you're in the market for some funked-up shoes, see my and Marianne's shop, Tormented Soles.https://www./shop/TormentedSolesOr if you need some vintage toys, see Marianne's shop, Daisy Bird Boutique.https://www./shop/daisybirdboutique\ud83c\udf44Returns and exchange details:As stated in my shipping policy, all items will be shipped with tracking and insurance. Items that are lost, damaged, stolen, or misdelivered are the responsibility of the Post Office. All problems of that nature should be taken up with the Post Office. I will issue full refunds for items that are not as described or have flaws that were not mentioned in the description. In other words, problems with the item that are my fault. PLEASE MEASURE YOURSELF CAREFULLY FOR CLOTHING! Refunds for full purchase price will be issued once the item has been returned to me including the shipping price paid at time of purchase. All items shipped back must be shipped with insurance and tracking. I will take returns of items that are not to your liking, but the shipping charges will not be refunded. All returned items must be shipped back within 2 weeks of delivery of the item to you. Thanks for your understanding!, hippie necklace

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