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sterling silver, Alexanderite Lab- Created Ring (Color Changing)



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This Co 16mm roundlo 16mm roundr Changing Alexandrite set in 14k white go 16mm roundld.This gem can put in 14k ro 16mm roundse o 16mm roundr yello 16mm roundw go 16mm roundld as well.It is quite unique setting and really sho 16mm roundws o 16mm roundff the gem, perfectly! Yo 16mm roundu will no 16mm roundtice in the last pho 16mm roundto 16mm round and the mo 16mm rounddel o 16mm roundf the new setting style that fits perfectly with this Lo 16mm roundvely Purple Alexandrite..Measures 16-16.5mm and weights 18ct.This Alexandrite do 16mm roundes actively change co 16mm roundlo 16mm roundr fro 16mm roundm purple to 16mm round mauve.The setting can also 16mm round be in sterling silver fo 16mm roundr $289.00 plus shipping.Layaway available.

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