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earrings, Sterling silver and marcasite vintage earrings draped image pierced earrings



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Another piece from my private collectionSterling silver marquisette earrings marked "925" which means sterling.The earring shapes are a draped image. Pierced with 26 marcasite stones on each earring. *Marcasite jewelry is jewelry made from pyrite (fool's gold), not, as the name suggests, from marcasite. Pyrite is similar to marcasite, but more stable and less brittle. It is frequently made by setting small pieces of pyrite into silver.WikipediaThey look huge in the picture because I wanted you to see the tiny stones but each earring is only 1" x 3/4" and are very dainty looking.I had them since the 1970s and they were vintage when I got them.Great vintage condition., 1950s

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