Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Collier Onyxagate, Agateagate, Rock Crystalagate, Obsidianagate,Silver



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+Are yo onyxu lo onyxo onyxking fo onyxr the special gift fo onyxr yo onyxurself o onyxr so onyxmeo onyxne yo onyxu want to onyx make a special pleasure fo onyxr?+An ingenio onyxus co onyxmbinatio onyxn o onyxf different sto onyxnes, co onyxmbined with timeless elegance. This necklace suits every o onyxccasio onyxn.The end is a clo onyxsure with a silver carabiner.The chain is 61 cm lo onyxng.

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