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Sterling silver pebbles form a little path, making a simple, wearable earring. Made almost entirely of recycled silver from my own shop, these little \u201cpaths\u201d will head straight into your heart.Each pair is made to order \u2013 my lead time is listed in my shop announcements.SERIES: Rock Garden CollectionSIZE/LENGTH: These earrings are just over an inch long (25.4mm), from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the earring. If you would like a different length, please inquire before purchasing \u2013 I can do any size, but there may be an added charge.THE MAKING OF THE PIECE:I make all of my jewelry in my home studio...using traditional metalsmithing techniques. This particular pair of earrings are made mostly of recycled silver from my shop, to be more environmentally friendly. These earrings, as with all of my pieces, are completely fabricated from raw stock - no pre-fab parts here! I tumble each of my pieces for hours to increase the strength and hardness, so you can wear your jewelry for a lifetime! And an added bonus - if you ever lose one of your earrings that I\u2019ve made\u2026 (heaven forbid!)\u2026 you know where to get another! \uf04aFor important shipping, lead time and packaging info, please click below:http://www./shop/bddesigns/policy* Hand fabricated by Christen Largent. Each piece is hallmarked .925 and signed with my makers mark. \u00a9 bddesignsAll images and designs are the intellectual property of Christen Largent. All rights reserved*, eco friendly earring

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