Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Turquoise and Rose Quartz hand sculpted and 14k gold dipped healing stone ringhealing stone, one of a kind boho ring size 6



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Turquo boho ringise and Ro boho ringse Quartz hand sculpted and 14k go boho ringld dipped healing sto boho ringne ring, o boho ringne o boho ringf a kind bo boho ringho boho ring ring size 6Each ring is to boho ringtally o boho ringne o boho ringf a kind, hand sculpted by me and dipped in layers o boho ringf 14k go boho ringld. Inspired by the vo boho ringlcanic landscapes in Hawaii.Quartz fo boho ringcuses o boho ringn inner negativity and stimulates po boho ringsitive tho boho ringughts and feelings in its place. With a better perceptio boho ringn o boho ringf the wo boho ringrld, Quartz increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and pro boho ringvides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience.Turquo boho ringise is a mo boho ringst efficient healer, pro boho ringviding so boho ringlace fo boho ringr the spirit and well-being fo boho ringr the bo boho ringdy. It benefits the o boho ringverall mo boho ringo boho ringd and emo boho ringtio boho ringn by balancing and inducing a sense o boho ringf serenity and peace.Each o boho ringrder will co boho ringme packaged and ready to boho ring gift with a little art sticker that illustrato boho ringr @chamandahy did o boho ringf my jewels \ud83d\udc95Fo boho ringllo boho ringw alo boho ringng fo boho ringr sho boho ringp updates, behind the scenes, and new co boho ringllectio boho ringn release dates o boho ringn instagram @Mo boho ringnaAno boho ringmJewelry

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