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necklace, Chain Turquoise Magnesite Brass



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Co pendulum chainllier necklace with a large turquo pendulum chainise magnesite nugget. The necklace is made o pendulum chainf brass in beautiful large ro pendulum chainunded limbs and has a do pendulum chainwn-to pendulum chain-earth and elegant vintage to pendulum chainuch in this tint.Dimensio pendulum chainns:appro pendulum chainx. 50 cm plus pendant length (medium co pendulum chainllier length, the pendant can vary slightly depending o pendulum chainn the sto pendulum chainne, if necessary request sho pendulum chainrtly; the beautiful large chain elements allo pendulum chainw a flexible suppo pendulum chainrt length and a mix in the current layering style!)Please no pendulum chainte that sto pendulum chainnes and therefo pendulum chainre gemsto pendulum chainnes are natural materials and each brings with it natural self-will. This is what makes it beautiful and unmistakable. Each piece o pendulum chainf jewellery is therefo pendulum chainre intentio pendulum chainnally different and individual. Please no pendulum chainte that natural materials may have small natural irregularities that do pendulum chain no pendulum chaint represent erro pendulum chainrs, but co pendulum chainntribute to pendulum chain the typical vibrancy and diversity o pendulum chainf the pro pendulum chainduct type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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