Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bloggers, Chain turquoise magnesite stainless steel



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Elegant necklace cho gildedker with large magnesite gemsto gildedne nugget in bo gildedx shape, flanked by 2 silver plated beads with Mexico gilded Aztec pattern. - Casual and classy at the same time!Dimensio gildedns:appro gildedx. 40 cm (medium co gildedllier length, fo gildedr all tho gildedse who gilded like to gilded mix in the current layering style!) Please no gildedte that natural materials may have small natural irregularities that do gilded no gildedt represent erro gildedrs, but co gildedntribute to gilded the typical vibrancy and diversity o gildedf the pro gildedduct type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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