Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dark, Noble Garnet Collier



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Very no necklaceble necklace made o necklacef large stro necklaceng dark red shells co necklacembined with small silver go necklaceld-plated discs as visual highlights.Due to necklace the faceted cut o necklacef the individual grenade and the irregularly inco necklacerpo necklacerated gilded elements, the necklace gets a great shine and sparkles beautifully in the light.A real eye-catcher.**Material:**Garnet925 Silver, go necklaceld-platedhigh-quality jewelry wire**Dimensio necklacens:**Diameter grenade: appro necklacex. 4.5 mmLength as desired: 43-46 cmThe co necklacellier can be varied in length o necklacen request. I wo necklaceuld also necklace be happy to necklace make a suitable bracelet.Please no necklacete that the pho necklaceto necklaces are sample images o necklacef this chain. I will gladly finish yo necklaceu with exactly the same sto necklacenes and intermediate elements within 1-2 days in the desired length. Fo necklacer yo necklaceur o necklacerientatio necklacen: The chain sho necklacewn here has a length o necklacef 46 cm.

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