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circle, Silver and brass dangle earrings "Crop Circles"



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Crop circles are patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed, etc...these earrings remind me of this surprising "drawings"...\r\rThey are composed of brass and sterling silver ear wire all handmade by me. Super light, fun to wear.\r\r\u25bd 8cm /2.75" long approx.\r\u25b3Circle 3cm./ 1.18"\r\u25bd Sterling earnuts\r\rMade to order, please allow me up to two weeks before your order 'leaves' my hands. My items are handmade -with love- and unlike mass produced jewelery, slight imperfections are to be expected , adding to the charm and character of your piece. \r\r\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd\rThis item will be shipped from Paris via priority (non-trackable) airmail. To UPGRADE please select the different options provided at checkout., minimalist jewelry

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