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art nouveau silver, Chrysanthemum pomander fragrance pendant Art Nouveau style hand stamped copper /bronze tone with 50cm brown suede chord



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Art nouveau style chrysanthemum pomander fragrance pendant necklace copper coloured with 59cm brown suede cordA new yet vintage pomander taken from an original stamp created in France over 100 years ago.A pomander was used to carry fragrance so that the well to do, when out and about, could put it under their noses and avoid smelling unpleasant smells of the street. How can this pomander be vintage and new at the same time?It has 3 levels of history attached to itOriginally created in the Marais district in Paris where the jewellery making skills were lost in the battlefields of WW1 at Verdun.Then in 1980s the original stamps were re discovered and that is when this pomander was made. Hand stamped in copper using the original toolsThe stock has been carefully preserved from the 1980s brand new and never worn A perfect combination of history and 'newness' The pomander is made using finest engineering and is stamped copper with silver plated fittingsThis pomander contains a specially formulated board to absorb fragrance and can be opened by unscrewing the finial at the top, removing the bridge and the circlet will loosen to provide access to the board - see photo See also other pomanders in the same range.Measurement 4.7cm across and the 50cm brown suede cord, copper pendant

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