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bracelet, Beaded bracelet with heart pendant and engraving



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* Beaded bracelet with heart pendant including yo heart braceletur wish engraving *This beautiful bracelet co heart braceletnsists o heart braceletf 20 freshwater pearls in the co heart braceletlo heart braceletr peaco heart braceletck. This pearl is kept dark but shimmers in different shades o heart braceletf red and green. This effect gives the bracelet a very special lo heart braceleto heart braceletk.The beads are held by an elastic band.In the middle o heart braceletf the bracelet is a stainless steel bead, which serves as a ho heart braceletlder fo heart braceletr o heart braceletur Gravuranh\u00e4nger.The heart pendant can be pro heart braceletvided with yo heart braceletur wish engraving.The o heart braceletne-sided engraving (max. 8 characters) is already included in the price.This beautiful bracelet is the perfect gift fo heart braceletr yo heart braceletur sweetheart.The price is fo heart braceletr yo heart braceletur o heart braceletne-sided wish engraving.(max. 1 line, 8 characters). An engraving o heart braceletf the back can be purchased fo heart braceletr 5,-\u20ac.Unless o heart bracelettherwise requested, we will bring the engraving centered.Please let us kno heart braceletw yo heart braceletur desired text in the Hintbo heart braceletx as well as yo heart braceletur desired fo heart braceletnt._So heart braceletllten Yo heart braceletu do heart bracelet no heart bracelett specify a fo heart braceletnt, we use Fo heart braceletnt 15! _

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