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botanical, Silver Maple Leaf Wooden Earrings - Large Size Lasercut from Walnut Wood



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Laser cut leaves in earring form!Show your love for nature, trees, and the environment through these oversize earrings. There is also a small version of the same design available. I wear these big leaf earrings all the time and almost always have people compliment them-- and sometimes point out the species!Silver maple -- scientific name Acer saccharinum -- is a gorgeous tree-- fast growing, and present throughout the central and eastern parts of the US. The leaves have deep lobes between the main pointy parts, which differentiate them from sugar maples (think the classic Canadian flag maple).I created this design based on an illustration I drew of the leaf, and then laser cut it.These are cut from 1/8 inch thick walnut hardwood. See my other listings for the same earrings in different wood and a smaller size.Despite their size, these earrings are very lightweight. Note there may be very minor burn marks-- laser cutting is basically burning the wood, so tiny bit of evidence of that may appear, though they are barely visible and do not take away from the look of the earring.By default, the earring hooks are sterling silver coated. If you'd like surgical steel instead, or gold or bronze color, please request customization., cornus

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