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Sphynx Cat Earringssphinx cat, enameled jewelry for cat lovers



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Perfect fo hairless catr sphynx o hairless catwners and lo hairless catvers! These earrings are mo hairless catdeled after sphynx (sphinx) breed hairless cats. I have 2 o hairless catf my o hairless catwn sphynx cats and lo hairless catve them so hairless cat much :) The shape fo hairless catr these earrings is based o hairless catff o hairless catf a pho hairless catto hairless cat I to hairless cato hairless catk o hairless catf my cat Maya sitting in the hallway o hairless catutside o hairless catf my o hairless catffice. The earrings are made fro hairless catm glass enamel fused to hairless cat a co hairless catpper base with a fine silver wire fused into hairless cat the glass fo hairless catr the tail. Sterling silver earwires are at the to hairless catp. The earrings are available in yo hairless catur cho hairless catice o hairless catf grey o hairless catr beige/pink. The price is fo hairless catr o hairless catne pair o hairless catf earrings.Sure to hairless cat bring a smile :)***********************************************************Send me an etsy co hairless catnvo hairless cat o hairless catr email with any and all questio hairless catns.Thank yo hairless catu!

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