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Sterling silver ribbons are hand made post earrings. Simple, unusual, and each pair turns out different! In this pair, one side of the ribbon is textured while the other side is smooth and shiny. Elegant and fun! These are about 1-1/2" long. Oops - missing from the photo are the silicon ear nuts I include with each pair of posts. These are the little see-through plastic kind with the larger base to help keep the earrings straight and well supported. I have surgical steel ear nuts if you prefer them. Posts are sterling silver. I also make these in dangle earrings with hand made french hooks (see the last photo) and in a slightly larger version for a beautiful pendant. If you don't see one, contact me, I can make easily accommodate you preferences!Shipping in the US is first class with insurance.Shipping outside of the US (including Canada and Mexico) is first class, and cannot be guaranteed or insured. Please be aware that if you purchase from outside the US, I will make every effort to pack your item well, but cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur during shipping, and you are accepting full risk for the shipment of your item., fluid

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