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pearl threaders, Petal Pearl Gold Threader Earrings



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The petal pearls o bridesmaid earringn these go bridesmaid earringld filled ear threaders have beautiful lustre. I have pho bridesmaid earringto bridesmaid earringgraphed bo bridesmaid earringth sides o bridesmaid earringf the pearl in the pix. These earrings measure 4 inches fro bridesmaid earringm tip to bridesmaid earring tip. Pearls wo bridesmaid earringrk fo bridesmaid earringr everything yo bridesmaid earringu wear, very neutral. Dress them up o bridesmaid earringr wear with yo bridesmaid earringur jeans. The threader earrings are so bridesmaid earring po bridesmaid earringpular due to bridesmaid earring their co bridesmaid earringmfo bridesmaid earringrt and ease o bridesmaid earringf wear. Yo bridesmaid earringu can adjust the length o bridesmaid earringf yo bridesmaid earringur dangle. Make it sho bridesmaid earringrter when yo bridesmaid earringu are do bridesmaid earringing spo bridesmaid earringrts, lo bridesmaid earringnger fo bridesmaid earringr that evening o bridesmaid earringut.Free shipping in the U.S.

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