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wildlife, Deer layered resin hand painted pendant



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Deer are such beautiful animals, that I often forget to be mad when they destroy my garden each year. I live in the woods, so often see these graceful animals coming to visit our house. Deer represent being sensitive, graceful, intuitive, harmony, happiness and peace.I really enjoyed the effect of working with resin and wood. The resin brings out all the beautiful colors of the layers of wood grain. I stained some of my wood pendants different colors depending on what kind of background I wanted, and left some plain. It\u2019s tricky working with wood and resin, because you never know how the wood is going to react to it. Sometimes the wood absorbs all the resin which results in multiple pours to achieve the same results. Also, because of the uneven edge, resin has the horrible tendency to go over the side and make a mess. Which means I have to babysit these pendants till they set up a little to make sure that they are going to cure right. First I use a print from one of my original paintings that I treat to protect it from the resin. I then apply a few layers of resin on top of image and let it cure. The flowers and leaves are all hand painted on each pendant with gold details and are all different. A final layer of resin is poured to protect the painting. I even pour two layers of resin on the back of the pendant with my logo so that the back is as glossy as the front. Each pendant has over 5 layers of resin.Details- The pendant is a little over 2 inches tall, and 3/8 inch thick. The chain is antiqued brass that can extend from 24-28 inches long. The chain can be slipped over the head for easy wear. The necklace gets packaged in a cute turquoise box with a wool yarn bow ready for gift giving. (See in pictures above)My background is in painting and fiber arts, but had been looking for a way to make prints of my art in an interesting way. I thought it would be cool to make little miniature framed \u201cpaintings\u201d and turn it into jewelry. Some amazing jeweler friends of mine turned me on to resin, and with a little practice, learned to love this \u2018new to me\u2019 medium. I\u2019m a huge fan of vintage anything and these pendants remind me a little of the 70\u2019s resin applique wood pieces you always run into at thrift stores. Someone also compared my work to Lisa Frank, which I thought was an amazing compliment!While bunnies will always be my favorite animal, there are so many other amazing animals that I love. Each one of the animals I paint mean something to me, and hopefully mean something to you.Care instructions-Resin is easy to care for and hard wearing, but can be scratched if mistreated. Some people use furniture polish or car wax to help fill in scratches and leave it with a protective coating. Please don\u2019t shower with necklace, resin is water resistant, not waterproof, avoid contact with harsh chemicals. (Perfume, hair spray, nail polish remover, etc.), cute

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