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Stunning little cherry flo earringswer shaped stud earrings create the perfect additio earringsn to earrings every day o earringsutfit. Rho earringsdium plated flo earringswers with beige jade beads in beautiful vintage style.Our vintage style earrings are elegantly crafted using real jade. Rho earringsdium plated studs allo earringsw the earrings to earrings dangle in a flo earringswer shape fo earringsr a statement jewelry set to earrings be admired. These go earringsrgeo earringsus earrings measure appro earringsximately 1\u201d in length and will arrive bo earringsxed and ready fo earringsr gifting o earringsr wear.Co earringsntact me fo earringsr details and I\u2019ll be happy to earrings assist yo earringsu thro earringsugh the o earringsrdering pro earringscess. If yo earringsu\u2019d like, jo earringsin me o earringsn Facebo earringso earringsk at https://www.facebo earringso earringsm/pascal.pintherTo earrings co earringsntinue sho earringspping o earringsur jewelry selectio earringsn, please click here: https://www./sho earringsp/PascalPinther

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