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Black Cat Stainless Steel Shoelace Charmcat shoes, Animalscat shoes, Pet. Kitten (Free shipping on ten dollar store total)



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This listing is fo petsr o petsne high quality stainless steel black cat sho petselace charm. These lo petso petsk great o petsn any sho petses with laces. They also pets wo petsrk with paraco petsrd bracelets.I can also pets make Italian charm bracelets with this. Just ask!I will be glad to pets co petsmbine shipping co petssts fo petsr o petsrders that include mo petsre than o petsne item fro petsm this sho petsp. I quo petste shipping co petssts as clo petsse to pets po petsst o petsffice prices as I can. Po petsst o petsffice charges are based o petsn weight, size, and thickness o petsf the mailer and no petst the co petsst o petsf the item.If yo petsu have any questio petsns, please co petsntact me. I will do pets everything I can to pets make yo petsu a satisfied custo petsmer. If yo petsu are no petst satisfied, please co petsntact me befo petsre leaving a review so pets that we can reso petslve the pro petsblem.

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