Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

for woman, Pave diamond rosecut connector 925 sterling silver connector handmade diamond connector beautiful tortoise charm diamond pendant jewelry



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Pave diamo art decond ro art decosecut co art deconnecto art decor 925 sterling silver co art deconnecto art decor handmade diamo art decond co art deconnecto art decor beautiful to art decorto art decoise charm diamo art decond pendantGro art decoss weight 0.54g appro art decoxDiamo art decond Weight 0.16ct appro art decoxSize 15mmX08mm appro art decoxSetting paveDiamo art decond : Natural Co art deconflict free diamo art deconds fro art decom Surat, India Listing is Fo art decor o art decone (1) Pieceminimum o art decorder sho art decould be five (5) pieces .These items are handmade,All are designed and handmade me and team with precisio art decon, Perfect craftsmanship and stro art decong interest!We are co art decontinuo art decously adding new pro art decoducts in o art decour sto art decore. So art deco keep co art decoming back to art deco see mo art decore great deals o art decon gems in o art decour martFo art decor Who art decolesale o art decorders o art decor co art decostume made o art decorder requirements, please message me ! We understand that getting yo art decour items quickly is impo art decortant to art deco yo art decou, so art deco we make every effo art decort to art deco pro art decocess yo art decour o art decorders quickly. SHIPPING: Mo art decost o art decorders are pro art decocessed and shipped o art decout within 4-5 business days, excluding weekend & ho art decolidays. Get yo art decour package faster by upgrading yo art decour shipping o art decoptio art decons! Do art deco a search within Our Sho art decop, "Shipping Upgrades" fo art decor mo art decore details. All prio art decority/express o art decorders are pro art decocessed the first day and then regular first class mails.\uf076\t(<>) Time sensitive packages: Please purchase EXPEDITED SHIPPING.\uf076\t(<>) Prio art decority Shipping: 3-5 business days fo art decor USA / 5-10 business days fo art decor internatio art deconal. If yo art decou need a package delivered by a specific date, please co art decontact us in advance fo art decor arrangements. *---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* INSURANCE: Please purchase insurance to art deco pro art decotect yo art decour o art decorder as we're NOT respo art deconsible fo art decor lo art decost items in transit / missed delivered/ no art decondeliverable / sto art decolen / etc. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* TRACKING:\uf076\t(<>) Do art decomestic o art decorders are updated with their tracking info art decormatio art decon.\uf076\t(<>) Internatio art deconal o art decorders, unless o art decotherwise registered o art decor express mail upgrades are no art decot traceable.* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* RETURNS & REFUNDS:\uf076\t (<>) Once yo art decour return is received and inspected (usually within 48 ho art decours o art decof receipt), yo art decour refund will be pro art decocessed and a credit will be auto art decomatically applied within 3 days. \uf076\t (<>) Refunds minus shipping gladly given... Please return within 7 days fro art decom the day yo art decou have receive yo art decour item.\uf076\t (<>) Chains and wires are no art decot refundable. \uf076\t (<>) No art deco returns are accepted o art decon custo art decom o art decorders.\uf076\t (<>) A 20% Resto art decocking fee wo art decould be applied to art deco all the Gemsto art decones Beads. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* OUT OF STOCK / BACK ORDER ITEMS:\uf076\t(<>) While we try very hard to art deco maintain adequate sto art decock levels, we do art deco run o art decout o art decof certain pro art decoducts at times. items no art decot immediately available fo art decor shipment are immediately re-o art decordered and we wo art decork hard to art deco make sure it shipped as so art decoo art decon as po art decossible witho art decout incurring any additio art deconal shipping charges. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* CUSTOM ORDER REQUEST:\uf076\t(<>) Please co art decontact us if yo art decou have any questio art decons o art decor ideas fo art decor any custo art decom o art decorder. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* CONVOSERTION: \uf076\t(<>) We respo art decond to art deco all messages via Etsy within 24ho art decours max unless o art decotherwise there is any exceptio art decon

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