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stacking ring, Garnet Silver Stacking Ring January Birthstone size 6



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Garnet Silver Stacking Ring January Birthstone size 6 Silver stackable ring with a garnet gemstone set in a sterling silver bezel. The 3mm smooth top gemstone is set on a hand forged band of hammered 18 gauge Argentium silver.Great as a stacking ring but lovely on its own.Garnet is January's birthstone and is named after the pomegranate.Take gentle care for this work of art, which means remove it before doing dishes and gardening, etc. If you wear it on your index finger, remove it while chopping your veggies (that knife action puts a heck of a lot of pressure on that finger's ring area!).Argentium silver is sterling kicked up a notch- Germanium replaces most of the copper added to silver, and it can be up to 96% silver.It is RESPONSIBLE SILVER- Argentium guarantees traceability of its raw silver. It is certified that Argentium is produced using only recycled silver.I don't use harmful chemicals at the bench. I make my own flux and pickle from household ingredients., stackable ring

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