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malawi, Burned Forest and Sky Necklace and Earring Set



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Forest fire scars can have their own stark beauty. Stands of dead trees contrast with bright blue skies, as these do in the scar of the 2012 Reading Fire in Lassen National Park. I tapped into that unusual contrast in this set. The base beads are small nuggets of shiny gray hematite, which I paired with small cobalt blue glass beads and recycled paper beads from Malawi. The paper beads are a stripy black and white, with little hints of color, showing hope of new life from the ashes. The necklace is 46 inches long, so can be comfortably worn wrapped twice or even three times around your neck (it closes with a lobster claw clasp to facilitate this). The earrings use the paper and cobalt blue glass beads, so are very light weight.The inspiration photo is also available. Please convo me if you're interested in a print., malawi

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