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designer inspired, Genuine Leather Insert Earrings- Princess Micro Glitter- Stainless Steel- Dangle Earrings- Trendy



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Beautiful Genuine Leather Insert Earrings! Lightweight, Easy To princess glitter Wear & Will Make A Trendy Statement. They Measure Appro princess glitterx.- 13 mm(1/2") Wide X 32mm(1 1/4") Lo princess glitterng.Stainless Surgical Steel Ear Wires Included.I Lo princess glitterve To princess glitter Do princess glitter Custo princess glitterm Orders, So princess glitter If Yo princess glitteru Have So princess glittermething In Mind, Please Co princess glitterntact Me Here On Etsy & I Wo princess glitteruld Lo princess glitterve To princess glitter Create So princess glittermething Special Just Fo princess glitterr Yo princess glitteru!Thanks Fo princess glitterr Sto princess glitterpping By!Who princess glitterlesale Welco princess glitterme!Becky\u2665\u2665\u2665

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