Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

First Communionconfirmation jewelry,Baptismconfirmation jewelry, Holy Communionconfirmation jewelry, Christeningconfirmation jewelry, Personalized Sterling Silver Lowercase Custom Pendant with Cross and Pearl/Birthstone



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This Perso communion necklacenalized Custo communion necklacem Pendant with a sterling silver cro communion necklacess and freshwater pearl o communion necklacer birthsto communion necklacene crystal is the perfect gift fo communion necklacer a first co communion necklacemmunio communion necklacen, co communion necklacenfirmatio communion necklacen o communion necklacer baptism.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE SIDE ONLY TO BE STAMPED. The link belo communion necklacew is fo communion necklacer the same piece, o communion necklacenly do communion necklaceuble sided:https://www./listing/95606571/do communion necklaceuble-sided-perso communion necklacenalized-pendant-with?ref=sho communion necklacep_ho communion necklaceme_active_15This pendant was designed using a sterling silver 1/2" disc which has been hand stamped with a name in a designer lo communion necklacewer case fo communion necklacent, and o communion necklacexidized to communion necklace bring o communion necklaceut the name. The pendant sho communion necklacewn has been hammered fo communion necklacer texture.A small sterling silver cro communion necklacess and tiny white freshwater pearl OR a tiny 3mm birthsto communion necklacene crystal co communion necklacemplete this pendant. The sterling silver Italian bo communion necklacex chain is available in 14" (35.56 cm),16"(40.64 cm), and 18"(45.72 cm) lengths. Please no communion necklacete that a 14" chain wo communion necklaceuld be fo communion necklacer a baby o communion necklacer a small child.Yo communion necklaceur pendant will arrive beautifully gift wrapped. A small po communion necklacelishing clo communion necklaceth will be enclo communion necklacesed in the bo communion necklacex.

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